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Interested in joining Pack 30?

Cub Scouting helps boys build skills, have fun and learn a sense of accomplishment and contribution in the company of both the Pack and their family. What do we do?
Our Pack focuses on:
  • Learning skills
    • tying knots
    • map reading
    • mechanical & building skills
    • first aid
    • camping
    • hiking
    • archery
    • pocketknife safety
  • Stewardship of the environment
  • Collaboration with others, including peers and adults
  • Community service
Do we discriminate?
No, we do not. Our Pack is very inclusive of everyone who is interested in participating, contrary to BSA national policy. We do not discriminate on any basis whatsoever, and are proud participants in the Scouting For All effort.

Family-oriented and family-run

In addition to your son's participation, we also ask that all parents do some volunteer work at both the Den and Pack levels. We are an entirely parent-run organization (although we benefit, of course, from in place BSA programming and facilities), and the broader the participation the more fun it is for everybody, parents and boys alike.

We welcome your inquiry!!

Please contact us at: info -at- berkeleypack30.org